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Adjusting Quickbooks Online Cheque Alignment To Print Properly On Laser Cheques

If you are experiencing misalignment when printing cheques from Quickbooks Online you probably missed the special setup process to configure the cheque position, however, it is not too late you can go back to the setup by following the steps as in the below video:

I followed the instructions and was successfully able to match the alignment, in my case the coordinates were
Horizontal  -10
Vertical -30
But they can very possibly be different in your case.
If you need any assistance setting up your layout we would be happy to help reach out to us here

How To Configure Quickbooks Desktop To Print On Pre-Printed Voucher Cheques

So, you ordered your Quickbooks voucher cheques but they aren’t printing correctly chances are that the settings are not configured properly! In this tutorial, we will guide you on setting up your Quickbooks to print cheques on top with two voucher stubs.

Step 1: open Quickbooks and login to your company file

Step 2: Hover over “File” and click on “Printer Setup”

Step 3: Select “Cheques/Pay Cheques”

Step 4: Select “Voucher” and Uncheck “Print company name and address” and “Use Logo”

That’s It!

If you require additional assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us

Basic Income In Canada

Poverty is a problem all over the world, including in Canada. It isn’t a problem with an easy solution but the problem can’t be ignored. The basic income concept is designed to help reduce the number of families living in poverty. While some feel it can work well and others don’t think it will change much, the only way to really know is to get something in motion to find out!

What is the Goal of the Program?

The goal of the basic income program is to offer households living in poverty additional funds by cheque on a monthly basis. Unlike other programs, there won’t be any strings attached or hoops to jump through in order to get the household qualified for the program. With more money, such households will have the means to pay for basic necessities and living expenses.

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