Where To Order Canadian Cheques

In these times when we are all trying to watch our spending and stay within our budget, everything we can do to save money is important.

Did you know you don’t have to order cheques from your bank? You can deal directly with a cheque printing service.  ChequesPlus.com offers lower prices, quick turnaround of your order, free shipping and faster delivery.  How long do you have to wait for the cheques you order from your bank?

There is no obligation at all to buy your cheques from the bank.  In fact, banks only provide cheques as a service to their customers.  They don’t even care if you buy your cheques from them or not.

In addition, banks add a service charge when you order cheques and if you want specialty cheques, there can be long printing delays.  It is very frustrating to wait for your cheque order from the bank when your cheque supply is running low, sometimes it can take weeks.

ChequesPlus.com, is a company in Canada that can provide the same quality at a better price whether you are looking for personal, business or computer cheques.

When you are ordering business cheques in Canada, the biggest advantage of dealing directly with ChequesPlus.com is that you are in control of the process. You can speak with them directly and get exactly what you need for your personal, computer or business chequesIt is important that your business logo is perfectly printed, isn’t it?

You don’t have that kind of control when you order cheques from your bank.

In addition to computer cheques, ChequesPlus.com will provide cheques that are compatible with small business accounting software for business cheque printing.

ChequesPlus.com also provides computer deposit slips and templates for printing computer cheques as well as a large selection of blank cheque paper.

There is no need to be concerned about compatibility of the cheques because ChequesPlus.com only offers cheques that meet Canadian cheque guidelines and are 100% compliant particularly in the MICR line (that’s the line of numbers printed at the bottom of a cheque).

If you are interested in ordering cheques from an independent cheque printer, visit ChequesPlus.com.  They are a Canadian company specializing in cost effective, friendly service looking after computer, business and personal cheque needs as an alternative to financial institutions.


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