The Combination of Comfort and On-The-Go Access Is Triumphing in the Market

#1-bankAt Cheques Plus we are always covering what’s happening in the financial world and today we will discuss about mobile solutions applied to finances:

We live in a digital Era where internet is making our lives more comfortable while speeding up certain processes. If you have been interested in the latest updates on the digital market, you can see that it’s clear that mobile solutions are managing to make room in this competitive world.

By looking at smartphones sales, tablets and so forth, we can clearly notice that more and more people are choosing those mobile solutions to perform different activities that in the past required a computer. The days when you needed to turn on your computer to check your email inbox, buy a product or communicate are gone. Now you have mobile solutions you can use combining comfort and commodity.

The popularity of mobile apps has been growing exponentially year after year and that’s no exception in the financial world.

One of the main banks that have contributed to the mobile solutions applied to the financial world is CIBC a Canadian bank that has been voted the top Canadian bank as far as risk factors and capital levels go for the second year in a row. CIBC has also achieved the milestone of the third strongest bank in the world based on the two factors referenced above.

CIBC and Mobile Banking

This bank was the first bank to launch a new eDeposit (electronic deposit) app that allows users to deposit cheques using their mobile camera. Later on this app has been enhanced to cover business cheques, allowing businesses who receive a bigger volume of cheques to handle them in the proper way using the application.

CIBC is trusted by more than 11 million clients and now reached these important milestones, which means that this bank is expected to remain strong and trusted for years to come.

Past, Present and Future of Mobile Banking

Mobile banking services like depositing personal cheques and business cheques, have become a lot easier with the help of mobile devices. This mobile trend started in 2010 when the first mobile banking app was launched.

Since April, 2013 mobile banking has grown twice every quarter. Currently, mobile banking exceeded the values of online banking going back to the 90’s.

With more than 20 financial institutions embracing the advantages of mobile banking and more than 1,000.000 cheques deposited using these mobile solutions, there’s no doubt that the future appears to be interesting and full of growth.

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